Holy Land Emergency Relief Fund

YOU* can help provide emergency relief for the people of Gaza and for innocent families who have lost loved ones and who have been displaced during the war. We want to support them in the name of Jesus.

Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives since October 7. Most of them are children. Some slaughtered in front of their families. Some buried beneath collapsed buildings. We unequivocally reject the killing of both Palestinians and Israelis and call for peace for both sides.

Above politics and theology and land and power-struggles, there are real people on the ground whose lives are being devastated and shattered. And I know Jesus would ask us to love them and care for them in their time of desperate need.

100% OF FUNDS go to those suffering from this war.

*Family Aid Kits

We're collaborating with our partners to distribute 10,000 Family Aid Kits to war-displaced Gaza families and to provide immediate relief for Christian families in the West Bank who are suffering financially as a result of the war.

Each kit, priced at $100, comprises food parcels and essential relief supplies.


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