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About NEXTGEN Conference

NEXTGEN Conference is the most exciting gathering of the next generations of leaders. It is designed to train and equip young Christian to become effective leaders in their local churches and ministries. The conference provides an opportunity for these leaders to connect and build special partners and friends.


We believe that leadership training is vital to global outreach and evangelism, and discipleship. Our ministry’s effectiveness in pursuing the Great Commission is largely dependent on producing a new generation Christian leaders in the marketplace and global missions.


This conference will influence and impact the next generation to become more Christ-centered leaders and grow to be the forefront in establishing and developing well-led local churches and organizations.


This conference is not only intended to equip and build Christian workers, but also to help increase their number. NEXTGEN conference will be a key influence in transforming lives for Jesus Christ and extending the Kingdom of God by training and equipping these potential leaders.

Upcoming Conference

October 6-9, 2016 // NEXTGEN West Orange County // Costa Mesa

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