Levant Region

Historically, the Levant is known as the region of ancient Syria or the Eastern Mediterranean. It is a geographic and cultural region consisting of the “Eastern Mediterranean littoral between Anatolia and Egypt.” Today, the Levant consists of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Cyprus, and parts of southern Turkey (Aleppo Vilayet). The Levant has been described as the “crossroads of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean and northeast Africa.”

Levant Region

Etymologically, “Levant” is the French word for “Rising.” It comes from lever, which means “to rise,” originating from the Latin levare, which means “to raise.”

The Levantine region, therefore, was given its name in reference to the point where the sun rises (the East).

Though the history and origin of this word is long forgotten, we believe it is a powerful symbol and foreshadowing of all the Lord desires to do through Levant Ministries.


 Just as the sun rises daily and illuminates the region, so too will the Son rise and radiate His life-giving Light over the Levant!

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